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Kumudham Webtech - Database Privacy Policy

1 We are Collecting Database through Only Public source.

  (It means, whoever interest to give their personal data and ids to online media, we collect only their database. We don't interfere to any one's personal information.)
- Also, Sometimes in area based database, names may be differ when compare with the area, on the reason of "Public Source" Collection.
- We collected through which ids had been available from a particular area based online source, then we collected it.

A) We have very Powerful Tools and source people to collect numbers and ids, so we don't need to copy any one of other database providers data. Sometimes, it may be seem the same data when compare with other providers data on the reason of public source.  Also, we are not the responsible People for our Free of Cost Database/Products. We Collect Free of Cost Database/Products through only "Public Source" Option. (through Public uploader files and search engines, Etc.,)

2) We never gives the guarantee about Valid numbers or email ids.

- Also, you should Understand Nobody can give 100% Valid email ids in this Market.
(Because, its depend on the Collecting time and Usage time. Also between the gape many database host provider's service may be change their Policy, also they may have problem in their Server and Business. May be the ids owner change their personal Data to another one service. Also, Lots of unseen and invisible reasons available about Valid ids.)
We will try our Maximum Effort to give Valid ids .

3) We are not the Responsible Person for email owners Response.

We Never gives Guarantee to our database purchaser, about the email ids owners Response. Bec., Response is totally Depend on email owners own decision. (Also, It will depend on which Product or Service you are providing to email owners.)
We are Just Database Providers Only. We Collect ids through our effort and Sell it. That means we Sell our Service.

4) Purchaser's Conditions

A) Your Payment is Accepted Only for which database we have when you purchase. If you Select Subscription Based Payment, then you will get updated email databases up to which time we given on the Sales Page. Also, there is no any guarantee for minimum and maximum quantity for updated email ids on the Subscription based payments.

B) When you purchase our Database, you accept us, as the owner of the database. So, without our permission don't distribute our copy to anyone.

C) Your Download Link, (which we have sent after your payment) will be delete or expire after 24 Hours.

D) Please. Read Carefully above details before Purchase our Database. If you missed to understand above instruction or doing activation against our above Privacy Policies, We never response and responsible person for you.


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